PC and MAC versions available.
World class reverbs. From silky smooth to Rich metallic.
Easy to use, yet extremely powerful.
Compatible with Pro Tools HD...
Real-time previews
Equalization controls
Use it like you would use any hardware unit
Complete with analogue-style ANSI C-165 Conforming Meter
64 bit floating calculations (internal)
32 bit in/out (external)
Supports sample rates up to 192kHz
Compatible with Protools 5.1 or greater applications which support RTAS plugins.


Protools compatable RTAS sytem. Pro Tools 5.1 or higher / Pro Tools LE / Pro Tools Free
MAC- MacOS 9 or higher. G3 or higher.
PC- PII/Celeron/Athlon or higher. Win 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP.
NO specialised DSP hardware required

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 64 bit (*)
Precision (External): 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: -Inf. (**)
Real-time: Yes
Input: 22050-192000 Hz, 32(*) bit, stereo
Output: 22050-192000 Hz, 32(*) bit, stereo
Meter range: -20 dB - +6 dB
Meter Type: ANSI C165 Conforming Meter (Calibrated to -10 dBfs) Input / Output / Reverb Level (switchable)
Level controls: Input, Wet(reverb)and Dry(source) level controls
Sound controls: Dependant on algorithm selected.