What can we say? No previous digital EQ has offered you this much! Perfect analogue simulation, 64-bit(!) processing, 2 algorithms (to let you choose the sound you want), and unprecidented speed. When we began work on these algorithms, we were very worried about speed, 64-bit precision is not easily attainable on a SHARC. But, in the end, we loaded more than 80 (eighty) 1-band mono EQ's- using one single Pulsar board. You can do the same! 


Real-time previews (including LIVE inputs!)
Two world class algorithms ensure the sound you would expect from an analogue hardware unit
Selectable filter type-per band.
Load exactly how much dsp you need...
Package includes 1,2,4,6 band fully parametric EQ's and a 36 db low-cut filter
Mono/Stereo 64 bit internal precision.
Ultra-fast and Reliable
2 algorithms let you choose the sound you want.
Completely sweepable filter points
Adjustable "Q" size per band
Fits into the BigMixer, either as mono or stereo insert. Can also be used as stand-alone device outside the BigMixer.


Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP / MacOS9.2
Creamware's Pulsar or Scope platform ONLY

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 64 bit
Precision (External): 32 bit
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes
Input: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Output: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Cut-off: 12 or 36dB/Octave for low-cut, 12dB/Octave for rest
Controls per band: Frequency, Q, Gain, type (high-shelf, low-shelf, high-cut, low-cut, band-boost/cut), in/out
Controls per plug: Bypass switch, algorithm switch (2 different algorithms)
System load: Approx. 20% of one SHARC @ 44100Hz stereo(**)