Timeworks Pulsar/Scope Reverb contains all the features, and sound, engineers, producers, and professional musicians dream about:


Top quality sound. Forget all about ringing dissonances and metallic artefacts
True stereo 32 bit internal precision.
A world class algorithm ensures the sound you would expect from a hardware unit
Real-time previews (including LIVE inputs!)
Fast and reliable
Use it like you would use any hardware unit, complete with analogue-style meter
Contains gating and eq controls!


Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP / MacOS 9.2 (Note: AGP systems only!)
Creamware's Pulsar or Scope platform ONLY

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 32 bit(*)
Precision (External): 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes
Input: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Output: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Meter range: -20 dB - +3 dB
Meter type: Output
Level controls: Input, dry, verb, bypass
EQ controls: 32 bit
Gating controls: yes
Sound controls: Colour, pre-delay, decay, damping, room size, diffusion
System load: Approx. 40% of one SHARC @ 48000 Hz