Put an end to those wimpy mixes! Are your mixes missing punch? definition? clarity? warmth? Do you just need to boost the levels and set a digital zero? Features include ‘Soft-clip’ compression/ limiting, 64 bit internal precision. and loudness maximization like you have never heard it before! No harsh or sterile sounding compression coming from this unit. Perceived gain increases of over 10db! Two separate compression algorithms and improved dithering to 16-bit give you the tools necessary to fix bad mixes.  


Top quality sound.
Stereo 32 bit internal precision.
A world class algorithm ensures the sound you would expect from a hardware unit
Real-time previews (including LIVE inputs!)
Fast and reliable
Much smoother than other digital compressors
So easy to use, you'll feel guilty.
Unmatched versatility.
Brick Wall limiting (digital-zero peak stop)
Intuitive attack times


Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP / MacOS9.2
Creamware's Pulsar or Scope platform ONLY

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 32 bit(*)
Precision (External): 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes
Input: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Output: 32000-96000 Hz stereo
Meter Type: Threshold / Output / Attenuation
Meter Range: Threshold / Output: -30dB - 0dB, Attenuation: -10dB - 0dB
Level controls: Input, Threshold, Output, brick wall
Sound controls: Release time, Dithering on/off. Zero stop
System load: Approx. 70% of one SHARC @ 44100Hz stereo(***)