The model 88 brings back the phaser sounds we heard throughout the 70’s. A bold, full bodied phaser with zero noise, astonishing frequency response, adjustable center frequency, 64 bit internal precision and ample control. Want a thick phazer?...or maybe just a hint of phasing... adjustments are quick and precise with the Model 88.

Click Here to get the DEMO.

Mono & stereo input and output
Optional stereo enhancement of mono->stereo convertions, which broadens the sound
Set the rate as low as 0.01 cycles a second
Acidized oscilloscope shows you your music in colours
Fast and reliable
Sounds like an old-style foot-pedal phaser
Compatible with all applications with DirectX (ActiveMovie) plug support
Supports ALL sample rates


Microsoft Windows 95/98/Windows NT 4.0 or later
Capability of showing at least 32768 colours at a time (15-bit colour mode)
Any application supporting DirectX/ActiveMovie plugs (Wavelab 1.6, Cubase VST 3.55, Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.01, Cool Edit Pro 1.0, Sound Forge 4.0c, ACID, Samplitude 2496)
Pentium processor or 100% equivalent. For real-time preview, a 133MHz processor is recommended
NO specialised DSP hardware required


Precision (Internal): 64 bit(*)
Precision (External): Application dependant - max. 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes (dependent on system speed & application)
Input: Any frequency, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Output: Any frequency, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Meter range: -20 dB - +3 dB
Level controls: Master gain, dry gain, wet gain
Sound controls: Depth, rate, feedback, frequency(50-5000)
Reset controls: Clip-indicator
Other controls: mono/stereo output buttons, enhance button, bypass button
System load: 11% (****)

32 bit data have a 24-bit mantissa, 64 bit data a 53-bit mantissa

As it is a digital domain, no noise is added to the signal.

Indicates that it is adjustable independently for each channel

Measured on an Intel 200MMX, AOpen AX5T-3.1 mainboard, 32 MB SDRAM, Windows 95, Sound Forge 4.0d