Put an end to those wimpy mixes! Are your mixes missing punch? definition? clarity? warmth? Do you just need to boost the levels and set a digital zero? Features include ‘Soft-clip’ compression/ limiting, 64 bit internal precision. and loudness maximization like you have never heard it before! No harsh or sterile sounding compression coming from this unit. Perceived gain increases of over 10db! Two separate compression algorithms and improved dithering to 16-bit give you the tools necessary to fix bad mixes.

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Top quality sound. The choice between 2 algorithms lets you choose whether you want "transparent" maximization or whether you want the analogue-sounding enhancer.
True stereo 64 bit internal precision.
Brick Wall limiting (zero stop)
Real-time previews (dependent of the hosting application)
Fast and reliable
Use it like you would use any hardware unit (except they can't do all this!!!)
Ultra-Precise fader control while holding down the "Ctrl" button
Compatible with all applications with DirectX (ActiveMovie) plug support
Supports sample rates over 192kHz


Microsoft Windows 95/98/Windows NT 4.0 or later
Capability of showing at least 32768 colours at a time (15-bit colour mode)
Any application supporting DirectX plugins (Wavelab 3>, Cubase VST 3.55>, Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.01>, Cool Edit Pro 1.0>, Sound Forge 4.0c>, ACID, Samplitude 2496>)
Recommended minimum 256 MB RAM
Pentium 3 processor or better or 100% equivalent. For real-time preview, a 333MHz processor is recommended
NO specialised DSP hardware required


Precision (Internal): 64 bit(*)
Precision (External): Application dependant - max. 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes (dependent on system speed & application)
Input: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Output: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Meter Type: Threshold / Output / Attenuation
Meter Range: Threshold / Output: -30dB - 0dB, Attenuation: -10dB - 0dB
Level Controls: Input, Threshold, Output ceiling
Precision Control: Hold down 'Ctrl' for more precise fader adjustment
Sound Controls: Release time, Dithering on/off.
System load: "Hard": 3%, "Soft": 20% (***)

32 bit data has a 24-bit mantissa, 64 bit data uses a 53-bit mantissa

As it is a digital domain, no noise is added to the signal.

Measured on an Intel Pentium 1 Ghz, Abit mainboard, 512 MB SDRAM, Windows XP, Sound Forge 5.0c