June.12.1999 New Compressor 
A demo version of our brand-new compressor for Windows DirectShow (DirectX), perfect for mixing and recording, is available for download. A product page will be available shortly.
Watch out for our Mastering Compressor, enabling up to 9 dB of perceived gain boost, which will be released soonMay.18.1999 Reverb released 
Yes, it's true... The 4080L Pulsar Pro Version and the EZVerb has just been released. Check our site for product pages coming up in the near futureMay.17.1999 A bit delayed... sorry... 
The Pulsar reverb is a little bit delayed, because of a last-minute bug...It will be released tuesday morning, Europe timeMay.7.1999 Finally: The Pulsar Reverb is coming!!! 
It is finally coming.... Friday at the latest, maybe even before... And best of all: There's an introductional offer of $249 (normal price is $399).Please contact for details and questionsFebruary.22.1999 New product announcements - 
A new compressor is on the horizon. It should hit beta any day now. Also, Mac and PC VST versions of all the plugins should be available soon!Reverb for Creamware 
We are also proud to announce that we are nearly done porting for the Sharc chip and will be releasing a reverb for Creamware's Pulsar/Scope platforms very includes some new features and is running real efficiently, just finishing some details right now.NAMM 
NAMM was a great success, and we will soon be announcing our world-wide distributors, so look for us in a store near you! Also, we met the press, so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review of the 4080L and the Mastering EQ in Keyboard Magazine and another in Recording Magazine.

Mastering EQ is now available for demo download.
For details, click here.
New page: 
Our new preset page is ready, click here to check it out
New product -
Phazer Model 88 is out:
Phazer Model 88 demo is now available for download, and is available for sale.
For details, click here.