The newest addition to our plugin family, and we are quite proud of it... The new timeworks equalizer comes packed with features, and more importantly, it sounds AWESOME. High cut and Low cut filters, High and Low Shelf filters, up to 6 bands of Bell filters (all with completely sweepable filter points and adjustable Q sizes). 2 world class EQ algorithms to choose from (good luck!). 30 band spectrum analizer 'on board' , a phase meter, extensive keyboard controls, along with an intuitive 'dual surface' graphical interface... 

Click Here to get the DEMO     $199US


2 algorithms(Clean & Vintage)for unmatched versatility. Get exactly the EQ sound you want.
True stereo 64 bit internal precision.
30 Band frequency analiser 'built in'
Phase meter
Standard and Graphic editing modes...
Real-time previews (dependent of the hosting application)
Fast and reliable
Keyboard operation of all major features
High Cut and Low Cut filters with resonant filter controls.
Low shelf and High shelf filters
Completely sweepable filter points with adjustable Q (bandwidth) controls...
Complete with led style meter
Ultra-Precise fader control while holding down the "Ctrl" button
Supports sample rates over 192kHz
Compatible with all applications which support DirectX (ActiveMovie) plugins


Microsoft Windows9x/Windows 2000, XP, NT 4.0 or later
Capability of showing at least 256 colours at a time (8-bit colour mode)
Any application supporting DirectX plugins (Wavelab 3.0>, Cubase VST 3.55>, Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.01>, Cool Edit Pro 1.0>, Sound Forge 4.0c>, ACID, Samplitude 2496>)
256 MB RAM
Pentium 4/ Celeron/ Amd processor or 100% equivalent.
NO specialised DSP hardware required

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 64 bit
Precision (External): Application dependant - max. 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: Not Measureable
Real-time: Yes (dependent on system speed & application)
Input: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Output: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, stereoMeter range: -20 dB - +6 dB
Meter type: LED- Output
Level controls: Output Gain
Precision controls: Hold down 'Ctrl' for more precise fader adjustment
Sound controls: Algortihm selction, High/Low cut, High/Low shelf, Bell filters, Gain control, frequency, bandwidth (Q)