Are you ready for the latest essential tool? We thought so. Features include six routeing paths, TrueResponse parametric EQ, and built in Dynamics. This will help take your tracking and mixing to another level.


PC and MAC versions available.
Low and High pass filters (bypassable).
4 Bands of sweepable TrueRespnse EQ.
Center Bands include Q (bandwidth) controls.
Active Compression Dynamics section. Bypassable.
Threshold/Ratio/Release controls. Bypassable.
Each EQ Band is individually bypassable.
Completely User routeable with a single click.
LED-style Meters for Input and Gain Reduction
64 bit floating calculations (internal)
32 bit in/out (external)
Compatible with Protools 5.1 or greater applications which support RTAS plugins.


Protools compatable RTAS sytem. Pro Tools 5.1 or higher / Pro Tools LE / Pro Tools Free
Compatible with Pro Tools HD...
MAC- MacOS 9 or higher. G3 or higher.
PC- PII/Celeron/Athlon or higher. Win 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP.
NO specialised DSP hardware required

The Facts

Precision (Internal): 64 bit (*)
Precision (External): 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: -Inf. (**)
Real-time: Yes
Input: 22050-192000 Hz, 32(*) bit, mono/stereo
Output: 22050-192000 Hz, 32(*) bit, mono/stereostereo
Meter range: -20 dB - +6 dB
Meter type: LED Input / Gain Reduction.
Level controls: Line Level, Threshold, Ratio, Release, Low cut, High Cut, Eq Boost/Cut, Frequency selection,Q (bandwidth), Bypasses for aforementioned.