It's here...!!!
World class reverbs
Easy to use, yet extremely powerful.
SMP(symmetric multiprocessor) Optimized Digital Reverberation
Real-time previews
Supports VST Automation
Silky smooth reverbs...
Equalization controls
Use it like you would use any hardware unit
Complete with digital in/out level metering
64 bit floating calculations (internal)
32 bit in/out (external)
Supports sample rates over 192kHz
Compatible with all applications which support VST plugins


Microsoft Windows9x/2000/NT4.0/XP/Vista Compatable
Capability of showing at least 256 colours at a time (8-bit colour mode)
Any application supporting VST plugs (Wavelab 3.0>, Cubase VST 3.55>, Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.01>, Cool Edit Pro 2.0>, Sound Forge 5.0c>, ACID, Samplitude >)
256 MB RAM, Pentium 4 / Celeron / AMD Athlon or 100% compatible .
For real-time previews with ALL algorithms, a minimum of 2GHz is recommended. 
Recommended: Dual Core Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, 1G RAM, Windows 2000,XP
Certain algorithms might not run real-time on all processors.
NO specialised DSP hardware required


The Facts

Precision (Internal): 64 bit
Precision (External): Application dependant - max. 32 bit(*)
S/N Ratio: N/A (**)
Real-time: Yes (dependent on system speed & application)
Input: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, mono/stereo- dependant on algorithm
Output: 22050-Inf. Hz, 16/32(*) bit, stereoMeter range: -20 dB - +6 dB
Meter type: ANSI C165 Conforming Meter (Calibrated to -10 dBfs) Input / Output
Level controls: Input, Mix, Output level controls
Precision controls: Hold down 'Ctrl' for more precise fader adjustment
Sound controls: Dependant on algorithm selected.
System load: 3-8% (***)